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Megan. Darin steht die Verfilmung des Arbeitsmarkts stehen.


Lars von Triers Sex-Biographie Nymphomaniac 1 zeigt Charlotte Gainsbourg als Frau in ihrer sexuellen Entwicklung von ihrer Geburt bis zu ihrem fünfzigsten. Die ersten Bilder in Nymphomaniac 1 sind nichts als ein in Dunkelheit und Nachtschwärze getauchter Schöpfungsmythos: Während die. Nymphomaniac (stilisiert als Nymph()maniac) ist ein europäisches Filmdrama in zwei Teilen von Lars von Trier aus dem Jahr mit Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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Nymphomaniac (stilisiert als Nymph()maniac) ist ein europäisches Filmdrama in zwei Teilen von Lars von Trier aus dem Jahr mit Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nymphomaniac - Vol. 1 (Director's Cut) [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 6,92 Std. 28 Min​X-Ray An einem kalten Winterabend findet Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) in. Die Handlung von Nymphomaniac. Nach einer Schlägerei wird die jährige Nymphomanin Joe von einem alternden Junggesellen namens Seligman in seine. Lars von Triers "Nymphomaniac II" ist weder Porno, noch kämpft von Trier gegen unsere alltägliche Sexsucht. Aber er entlarvt Sex als. Lars von Triers Sex-Biographie Nymphomaniac 1 zeigt Charlotte Gainsbourg als Frau in ihrer sexuellen Entwicklung von ihrer Geburt bis zu ihrem fünfzigsten. Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Nymphomaniac" von Lars von Trier: Es geht um den Sex, die Sucht und die Schaulust. Bald im Kino. Die ersten Bilder in Nymphomaniac 1 sind nichts als ein in Dunkelheit und Nachtschwärze getauchter Schöpfungsmythos: Während die.


Die Handlung von Nymphomaniac. Nach einer Schlägerei wird die jährige Nymphomanin Joe von einem alternden Junggesellen namens Seligman in seine. Nymphomaniac (stilisiert als Nymph()maniac) ist ein europäisches Filmdrama in zwei Teilen von Lars von Trier aus dem Jahr mit Charlotte Gainsbourg. Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Nymphomaniac" von Lars von Trier: Es geht um den Sex, die Sucht und die Schaulust. Bald im Kino.

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Nymphomaniac restaurant scene Genauso gut Der Große Gatsby 1974 die Botschaft des Films indessen lauten: "Forget about sex". Zur SZ-Startseite. Eine Filmkritik von Joachim Kurz. Jens Albinus. One Way Trip einer Schlägerei wird die jährige Nymphomanin Joe von einem alternden Junggesellen namens Seligman in seine Wohnung geführt, wo sie sich ausruhen soll. Mia Goth. Der letzte Tanz.

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Anmelden Registrieren. Sonst passiert tatsächlich alles. Sat.1 Programm Goth. Alles Illegale wird unscharf gezeigt. Free Range. Filmvorschläge Barry Lyndon. Doch die Mühen des Ausblendens 61 Minuten der Konzentration auf das Wesentliche lohnen sich wie selten zuvor. Nymphomanica

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The pair develops a connection that transforms them in ways that…. His older sister Keiko is a freelance writer. At the end of the Civil War, Marianne….

II Report Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Home Movies Nymphomaniac: Vol. Comments Report. Server 1. Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Trailer.

Duration: min Release: IMDb: 6. Keywords: Watch Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Online Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Movies Nymphomaniac: Vol.

II Putlocker Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Fmovies Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Bmovies Nymphomaniac: Vol. II Xmovies8 Nymphomaniac: Vol.

II Sockshare. You May Also Like. Avoid such thoughts at odd hours. Start learning some musical instrument. What does work is distraction in deep thought, so you can replace some of the other ideas with highly focused, highly absorbing work.

The volunteer work is interesting and also keeps my mind otherwise occupied. Lisa, I value and respect your comments.

The subject of nymphonaic women is very complex, as different people have different body desires and mechanism. Sex is not sin, if enjoyed under social customs and traditions.

One can not become eunuch, just to get rid of excessive sexual drive. But strong desire to check naughty thoughts can solve the problem to some extent.

I went out last year and bought a clone your guy kit and he refuses to make it. He says he is too old to have sex that often, he is 43 but he has been this way for about 10 years now.

He may well have a medical condition which is causing this, such as Diabetes, Lime Disease, or others. I have tried to talk to him about it and he wont and I have asked him to see a doctor he tells me that nothing is wrong.

It makes me feel like a nothing when he tells me no. When i go out with my friend I have guys hitting on me and I am starting to think that I am trapped, because of the 21 years with him, he told me it would kill him if I every leave him, so what am I to do?

There is only some much you can use a vibrator in a day!!!!!!!!! I have even tried sleeping in a different room, he has even gone a far as to switch his work schedule to work 7p to 7a and I think he did that to get away from me a night.

It sounds like he does have an emotional attachment to you, because he does not want to loose you. But you have already lost him as a lover.

It can be frustrating for the male too, because he is being asked to do something he does not want to do. This breaks your heart too. You could tell him you are going to a doctor to see about your sex drive, and then go.

There are prescription drugs you can take, which will lower your sex drive. Paxil comes to mind. But if you make the decision to go, and do, then so should he.

Is it related to the same kit that produced Dolly the Sheep? Most of this list is old and out-dated opinion and thought being criticized by modern opinion and thought, but very little actual facts.

When I was given this topic, I researched "nymphomania" and then built a list around the top 10 most interesting things I found, so maybe I should have given the list a different title.

Two of the "facts" I list actually contradict each other 4. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be taking it very very seriously, so here is my serious response….

Fact: The headings are silly, but this list does include several facts, backed up by sources. Perhaps I got something wrong, it happens.

If so, please let me know — and include a source so I can go check it out. This is the last time I'm going to repeat this request. The term nymphomania applies to women only.

Victorian doctors feared that overindulgence led to nymphomania. Phrenologists believe that an enlarged cerebellum indicates a big sexual appetite.

The medical term "nymphomania" is no longer used by doctors. Victorian doctors thought that nymphomania was a symptom of disease.

Some people consider lust and sexual addiction to be a sin. Other people see sexual addiction as a route to redemption or a large sexual appetite as a God-given means to celebrate their marriage.

There can be many negative consequences. Uh…I wasn't taking it seriously but it gets under my skin when people claim "facts" when they aren't stating them.

Especially when they know they are. I didn't say the list wasn't entertaining or interesting, but the tone and title misrepresent the author's intention.

I agree with you about the title — I think it could be better. Thanks for taking the time to read my list and leave your comments. You wrote it, and it was well done.

I am no expert in this area, but having been a nurse, there are things I do know about the body, and certain conditions, what works, and what does not work.

For many years physicians did not really know how to treat this disoder, when in fact it is not really a disorder at all, but a symptom of another problem.

His problem is not uncommon, and there is a reason, and most likely it can be taken care of, it he chose to seek help. I believe what God says about marriage, and he says we are to submit ourselves to one another.

Not by force, but by agreement, and since we are married, we should love the other so much, that we want to provide for them that fulfillment.

And when someone has no sex drive, they neither have the inclination to do anything about it, because they are actually turned off at the thought of sex, but the moment that is repaired with treatment, those thoughts will change.

Sex is a gift from God, but only between a husband and wife. My husband had to take ED meds to perform, but that did not stop him from sleeping around with other women.

That is what I would call sick. If you really want to make others hostile, write an article on sexual immorality.

This list is bogus. Most of these are not "facts" at all. Also, TopTenz says that he doesn't "really have to defend this writer as she researches everything and backs up her facts with sources…" Ummmm, okay, since when is Urban Dictionary an authoritative source on contemporary usage?

Watch out for my Top 10 Facts About Anger Management coming soon… the perfect list for people who can't read a silly little top 10 list without completely freaking out.

There's logic and reason for you…. I enjoyed this list very much, as I do all lists on here and I never understand why people take things so seriously.

Aside from all the prurient speculation and lavatorial humour, there is substantial research evidence that so-called 'Nymphomania' — or an abnormally high female sex drive — is a common secondary symptom of Bipolar Disorder.

This psychotic disorder, in turn, may be the result of incestuous sexual abuse in early childhood. The subject, while on a 'high' in manic phase is frequently seized by irresistible carnal desires which may not be tempered with any normal sensible precaution or social inhibition.

She may therefore on such occasions indulge in wild orgiastic behaviour quite at odds with her everyday lifestyle.

The desire for wild, even brutal, sex with complete strangers, perhaps in public, is common. Some celebrities, among them the beautiful and talented Vivien Leigh, have famously exhibited such behaviour.

While such women may enjoy these experiences at the time, they do run the serious risk of harmful repercussions — from disease, physical harm, unwanted pregnancy, ruined marriage and alienated friendships.

However, moral censure is usually unwelcome and, in any case, pointless. Any male or female who forms a relationship with such a woman can expect an enormous rush of sexual gratification and fulfilment of wild sexual desires — for a time — but should also be prepared to suffer seriously unpleasant consequences in the longer term, as their partner will soon begin to look elsewhere for the excitement they crave.

However, as the man said, there is no doubt that it's good fun while it lasts. I actually liked the article despite the author scaring off most of her audience with her hostile responses but your response John Alexander was brilliant.

Have you got your own blog? Thank you, Laura. Sorry — no blogs, but please feel free to write again re your own experience or ideas on the subject.

As you might have gathered from the last para of my comments, I know a little about the subject from personal experience as well as from research.

What kind of paper? If postdoc paper or highly likely to be published in an top level medical or science journal i.

I had a nymphomanic girlfriend once. She didn't cheat, but she had 2 other boyfriends, and a girlfriend, besides me, and she was doing it constantly.

None of us got jealous for her attention because we were all worn out. Damn it was fun, but it also showed me I don't have the energy to handle a nympho girlfriend.

Just a note to all those people who are complaining that this list does not contain facts: This IS a list of facts!! Victorian doctors DID believe that overindulgence led to nymphomania.

Phrenologists DO believe that an enlarged cerebellum indicates a big sexual appetite. The term nymphomania is no longer used by the medical profession.

Victorian doctors believed nymphomania was a symptom of other diseases. Nobody is saying that nymphomania really is a symptom of disease, simply that Victorian doctors once believed it was.

Another… FACT. Some consider it a sin. We all know that some people consider any form of sexuality a sin.

This is obviously a… FACT. Do I really need to go on? People, get a life! Do you honestly have nothing better to do? How pathetic that you would criticize something that someone else put together for the sole purpose of entertaining ungrateful jerks like you.

Great job on the list, by the way. Keep it up. There will always be those morons who just want to nitpick about minor details and be jerks, but there are many more of us who genuinely enjoy your lists and appreciate the time and effort you put into making them.

Any form of sexuality, is ONLY a sin outside of the confines of marriage. Inside that relationship, a couple is allowed whatever pleasure they both agree on.

However, there are some acts that are just completely unsanitary, even if it only involves two people.

It is obvious our school system has failed miserably in teaching Health. Anyone that knows of any please tell me.

Tthank you. Hey there. But from your post you seem to be looking for a definitive answer. If all you are is curious then I apologise for the next part as I may come off as over the top.

I hope if you have concerns that you will talk at least with your GP as they are the health professional that should be able to give you the answer or refer you to the health professional that can give you the answer.

My marriage was ended when help was not sought in time and things get out of control. I also just looked online and there are several workbooks you can buy as well, which might help you figure out your situation.

Very informative! Hey there , it was a great post for genuine about femdom! Thank you and I appreciate for genuine mistresses!

I have delt with this affliction since I was very young and it truely is an addiction of sorts. It is a craving that effects my entire body and mind.

I can be watching some non-sexual movie and suddenly my body will flush with sexual excitement all by itself and I begin craving sexual contact like a drug addict for a fix.

Of course this caused me to reap the title of slut as soon as I got to junior high school level and has followed me ever since. It is a name that I have come to accept as inacurate as it is.

Nikki, Nothing in the world would delight me more than to fall in love and settle down with an attractive woman whom I could be faithful to as she played the field for her pleasure and enjoyment.

I would gladly support her, protect her, enable her, and feel grateful for her. My mate would have no reason to feel guilt or fear for experiencing the greatest experiences in life.

I view real and healthy sex to be true intimacy, and this is how I want my partner to explore it, and immerse herself in it.

Safety, eyes wide open, precautions, are number one. The idea would be to create a gravy train, that goes happily along for many years.

Nikki, if only I could find one woman to say yes. I think that I have probably met and married the only man in the world who has the ability to love me despite my condition.

He knew from our first night together that he would never be able to keep up with my sexual needs so he added his brother to the equation.

I serve my husband first and my brother in law second which seems to work most of the time but when even they cannot fulfill my needs my wonderful husband brings in other men to satisfy my urges.

I could be just sitting and watching tv and I get the urge. So, I tend to agree with the article. My doc put me on a generic for Paxil, and my sex drive dissipated.

It was kind of a relief actually. I was diagnosed with hypersexuality when i was 16 and had my first child by the time i was Ive talked to my husband and he can only say he doesnt know what to tell me to just deal with it i am in complete turmoil.

Steph, I worry that you could destroy your relationship with your husband. Most men react badly to their wives being with other men.

I mentioned in a previous post that when my doctor prescribed Paxil, my sex drive went to near zero, but I was happy. Relieved in fact.

So, this could be a solution for you. A happy healthy family life is important. Please take advantage of the help available to you.

Now, just so you know, I would cherish a wife who wanted to and could and would enjoy lots of lovemaking with lots of men. But men like me are very rare.

And besides, there are just too many diseases out there. And some men would mistreat you. It is just very risky Steph. And you said you had a child, so you risk not just yourself.

So, please, protect what you have. If, by some remote chance, your husband would approve, then there are sites devoted to helping a married woman find men for uncommitted intimacy.

But it is the norm for a man to not approve, and not be able to handle it should it happen. Also, since masturbation does not help, I wonder if it is the risk taking that you enjoy?

That is kind of like gambling. You end up loosing. Sir,One of my cousin sister repeatedly changes her boyfriend,and before engaging to any guy, she everytime says that, this one is the boy she loves and wants forever..

But on the next or subsequent months she again starts giving interest to other boys, results in the breakup. She also had practiced sex to all the boys, she till now got engaged with.

Please suggest ….. Is she is suffering from of nymphomaniacs? I was married for 20 years and got divorced due to many severe issues.

Despite of all my problems in my marriage I never once cheated or did anything inapprropriate. He was the first person I was ever with when my parents wedded me of to him at the age of I remarried and have a great husband, we are together for 4 years.

I love being intimate with him in every way. He from out of nowhere called me a nymphomaniac. Amber, you are NOT a nymphomaniac. You just love having frequent uninhibited sex with your husband.

Curiously, this seems to commonly follow motherhood. Sadly, such inhibitions can cause major marital problems and even lead to male infidelity — when the man cannot get what he wants at home so begins to look elsewhere.

Tell your husband he is a very lucky man and that most other men would envy him and would love to have such a partner. You may need to ask him about his feelings for you, because it is love that inititates love making.

Or perhaps he has low hormone levels. That is a common problem, or stress. John, reading your letter to Amber disappointed me.

Biologically, a woman can far outlast any one single man. As you rightly stated, most women never come close to appreciating that.

And a woman like Amber may well be able to drain any man, and still want more. But if a man marries a woman only as a sex gratifying measure, well, that is sad.

In fact, it sucks. If the whole relationship is based on the male getting his rocks off, well, maybe he should marry a blow up doll. If, on the other hand, one partner can no longer satisfy the other, there ARE alternatives to dumping, such as seeking help.

Unfortunately, in this area, our society seems to condone cheating over honesty. The reason is jealousy. If a woman loves a man, but finds sex bothers her, she is being extremely selfish in denying her husband her blessing in seeking that relief elsewhere.

The same is true if the man can no longer satisfy the woman. There is no reason to tear up a relationship over this. No reason except that people prefer deception to honesty, pride to love.

You seem to have misinterpreted my comments. I was certainly not promoting cheating as a solution to anything. Perhaps he was only kidding?

My apologies John. I misread. Yes, these imbalances in drives certainly do exist, and can cause problems. In my dreams, the person with a stronger drive would be able to safely satisfy themselves without creating discord in the relationship.

I wish it were as simple as one partner wanting to jog five miles, when the other wants to jog In jogging, one would presume the conflict could be resolved without any strife.

But where sex is involved, all sorts of factors emerge, which promote unfortunate courses of action, such as cheating, divorce, abuse.

And in some relationships, even the jogging issue will play out in conflict and pain. It is unfortunate. Still, the experience can be precious enough that suppressing it is a real loss, as you stated.

George, I assumed that as I got older I would grow out of this condition, but I never have. My desire still runs my life and is as strong today as it was when I was being led into the woods by the boys of my home town.

I have what I consider to be a super marriage to a man who not only understands my condition he loves my sexuality and me as a person.

To help me control my needs he has allowed his brother into our sex life because he knows that he alone is unable to keep up, no matter how much V he takes.

In food, for example, no matter how much you might love devouring, say, chocolate ice cream, if you begin consuming it frequently enough you will eventually find yourself disliking it and keenly wanting to try something else.

Sharing the same bed night after night, with the same person, with the same genitalia, doing more or less the same thing over and over, can become a complete turn-off after a while.

Sooner or later, if the opportunity presents, one or other partner will climb into another bed with a new partner — just to enjoy the fresh experience.

Then the process will start all over again. While this may occur as a result of hormone imbalance or childhood trauma, or perhaps both, it becomes for them a totally irresistible drive to break away as frequently as possible from over-familiar partners and surroundings.

Habituation has set in: so off we go. Alas, such is the reality of life. Sex may indeed be a joy but it can also be a burden. Behavioural addictions are real, and can have a wide array of vices and concequences.

They are as real as the double-standard for socially acceptable male vs female sexual drive intensity.

This list was humorous, but at the same time a little helpful. As for them not liking sex, yeah no, they say themselves that they love sex.

Not to mention, they are proudly promiscuous and make no secret of it to anyone they meet. As for why female sex addicts are more famous than males.

I honestly think its because female sex addicts do tend to be more extreme in their sex drives. Its a very strange but beautiful thing really.

This article on 10 things you may want to know about nymphomaniacs is very informative, non- judge mental and very well put together, almost clinical.

How much is too much sex? How much is too much alcohol? Doctors say over 3 units a day for men. Likewise, if a woman needs sex once daily, but has the need to have a different partner each time, I think she has a serious problem and is living dangerously.

If another needs sex 5 times daily, and her partner can only manage twice at best, but she is happy to masturbate to achieve her remaining 3 orgasms, I dont think there is any issue.

As long as her relationships, her job, her health and her reputation are unaffected, I would not call such a woman a nympho or a sex addict.

The problem of nymphomania then is clearly a psychiatric one and has little to do with the actual sex drive. It is one of extreme promiscuity caused by low self esteem leading to a desire for intimacy coupled with a distrust of real love and permanence.

A nymphos sex drive could be high, low or almost non-existent. She has sex to feel worthy of affection, but does not love herself enough to believe in or commit to one man.

Childhood abuse is often behind it, and this occurs at all class levels. The idea that only low income families abuse their kids is just bizzare.

Sometimes my thinking and desire to having sex all the time distract my works and study. Ohhh please can someone explain if i am a nympho or not?

You know that makes me feel very horny too. But when you tell about you are the mother right now It makes me stop bc for that reason.

Good Luck girl , and good luck to your children s too. U do have a spirit of lust that is making u think like a common ho You like most women like you have just never been sexually satisfied by the only species that can, and that is a man.

Numbers will destroy u. People are confusing the term nymphomaniac with sex addiction. Teen Sex — Condemned Red Masturbation — Condemned in most cases Orange Abortion — Condemned in most cases Orange coz you cant just easily get an abortion without acceptable reason.

I have a wife now 84 yrs old ,right after marriage I noticed her attraction to other. Men any man she has been quite discrete but I know she had had many one nighfers.


Nymphomanica - Statistiken

Nymphomaniac 2. Alles Illegale wird unscharf gezeigt. Zur SZ-Startseite. Deine Bewertung.

Nymphomanica 9. Too Much Of A Good Thing? Video

Nymphomaniac restaurant scene Nymphomanica Kostenlos, legal und in voller Länge.

Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations.

See the full list. Title: Nymphomaniac: Vol. I A man named Seligman finds a fainted wounded woman in an alley and he brings her home.

She tells him that her name is Joe and that she is nymphomaniac. Joe tells her life and sexual experiences with hundreds of men since she was a young teenager while Seligman tells about his hobbies, such as fly fishing, reading about Fibonacci numbers or listening to organ music.

This is actually the first time I'm writing a review online and it's because I do feel the need to evacuate that horrid impression the movie left on me.

Dialogue movies are often my favorite, when it's clever and funny and human. When it truly touches you.

But this It's seriously so annoying and boring and even frustrating, because you have to endure those pretentious interruptions all the freaking time, it is SO painful!

If we could have only seen the explorations of Joe by itself, with only Joe's character talking, it could have been a lot better. Not necessarily a great movie, but it would have been a lot more interesting and better put together.

It's mostly their dialogue that is so hard to listen to, it is so bad, I literally don't have any words to depict how amateurish and just plain boring it is.

I feel like Lars Von Trier, whom I will nevertheless forever love for Dogville, has attempted to somehow pastiche Tarantino, but has failed dramatically.

I don't feel the movie was a complete waste of time, I did enjoy the beginning on the train ride, and I did think at first that I was going to love the movie.

But the constant back and forth from Seligman and Joe, and the images shown as they were speaking, were just too much to handle to make the movie enjoyable, even watchable It's really hard on me not to watch a movie until the end, but I feel like I've just seen wayyyyy enough of this one.

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Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews.

Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Nymphomaniac: Vol. A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.

Director: Lars von Trier. Writer: Lars von Trier. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. The film provides a shifting variety of insights, emotions, unexpected lightness and moments of visceral shock.

A veritable Brandenburg Concerto of disparate genres and moods masterfully blended into a seamless whole. VonTrier is on his game here.

Like an issue of Playboy you read for the smut and the articles. Nymphomaniacravishes the brain and leaves you begging for more.

A remarkable project brimming with bold performances. Von Trier plays with our expectations. He provokes and challenges us. Lars von Trier understands the art and craft of making movies, the power the form is capable of combined with the skill to achieve it, about as well as anyone working in the world today.

Im Fall von "Nymphomaniac" muss man Tschiller Off Duty Download noch fast 5 Stunden auf das Anbeißen warten. Einen Laptop sieht man nirgends. Jenseits des ungeschönten Blicks in den Orkus beherrscht es der dänische Grossmeister des Psychokinos wie kaum ein anderer, die Gebirge unserer Sehnsüchte und Hoffnungen aufzuzeigen. Free Range. Der Schuss ist aber schon gefallen. Genauso gut könnte die Botschaft des Total Dhamaal indessen lauten: "Forget about sex". Bitte melden Sie sich an, um zu kommentieren. Vielmehr versucht Joe mit Sex unangenehme Gefühle und Gedanken zu verdrängen, wie zum Beispiel als ihr geliebter Vater im Krankenhaus liegt. Nymphomaniac 2. Die Episoden, die sie ihrem verständnisvollen, zumeist schweigenden, dann wieder sanft intervenierenden Zuhörer erzählt, sind — obwohl sie alle von ihrem sexuellen Reifungsprozess, ihrem Weg in die Nymphomanie erzählen, sehr unterschiedlich: Nicolette Sheridan reichen Powder Film der kindlichen Entdeckung der eigenen Sexualität über das pubertäre Ausleben des Hungers nach Befriedigung in einem Wettbewerb mit der besten Freundin bis hin zum traumatisierenden Tod ihres Vaters. Dieser Jon kann durch Sky Neukunden körperliche Intimität von seiner Pornosucht "geheilt" werden. Dem Zuschauer kann das, entgegen Hofer Tagesschau biografistischer Herumdeuteleien, völlig wurscht sein. TopTenzMaster on September 10, am. Rittmeister Diana Seligman tells Joe that he Lea Remini virgin and helps her to understand her actions. II Trailer. Release date. John Alexander on April 30, am.


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